These charities help promote a flourishing society by providing educational opportunities to children and families in the U.S. and abroad.


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San Jose, CA 95 favorites

4others is a Christian nonprofit organization that is committed to being a driving and creative force in the fight against poverty, preventable disease, and injustice. We conduct reproducible campaigns designed to inspire and equip ...

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Heart Space Teachings
San Jose, CA 62 favorites

We believe in this age of the rational mind, the power of the heart can be overlooked. It is the empress of the body and the gateway to the mystical. The magnetic field of the heart exceeds that of the brain by 5,000 times. Our Heart ...

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Children's Musical Theater
San Jose, CA 93 favorites

Children's Musical Theater San Jose (CMT) trains and educates today's youth through musical theater to set and achieve high artistic and personal goals, and to inspire them to become exemplary artists, patrons and citizens of tomorrow.

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Hacienda Involved Parents and Staff
San Jose, CA 12 favorites

HIPS is the parent teacher organization at Hacienda Environmental Science Magnet, a public school in San Jose, CA. Our mission is to raise funds to help further the education of our children, and enrich their lives by funding music, ...

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Silicon Valley Education Foundation
San Jose, CA 36 favorites

Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) is a non-profit resource and advocate for students, educators, and corporate and individual donors. We drive scholastic achievement in the critical areas of math and science by combining ...

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The Unity Care Group
San Jose, CA 28 favorites

Unity Care offers a wide range of services benefitting at-risk and foster youth and their families throughout Northern California. Its signature program, established in 1993, focuses on serving the housing needs of youth in foster care ...

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Communitas Charter High School
San Jose, CA 8 favorites

Communitas Charter High School prepares a diverse student community for lives of integrity and wisdom by helping them develop deep conceptual knowledge, a global perspective, empathy for others, and the ability to make disciplined choices.

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Lincoln High School Theatre Guild
San Jose, CA 10 favorites

The Lincoln High School Theatre Guild is composed of parents, alumni, teachers and students committed to a realistic and sound education in the theatre arts for all students who want to learn. Our policy is that no student shall be ...

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