Donating to Charity

We love hearing stories of people giving their hard-earned money to charities and nonprofits. It really doesn't matter if they are large donations or simply loose change. What matters is that they are able and eager to help however they can.

The Priceless Returns of Donating

There is really something about donating that makes people’s moods and dispositions improve, prompting them to form a habit of giving, especially during times of crisis and tragedy. During the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan that wreaked havoc in the Philippines, for example, people from around the world extended a helping hand through monetary and in-kind donations. Here at eBay Giving Works, millions of dollars were raised worldwide through various charity fundraisers aimed at helping the typhoon victims get back on their feet.

Regardless of how big or small the donations were, both victims and donors took away something positive from the experience. One of the main benefits of donating is improving one's sense of understanding and altruism. The idea of giving up a portion of your resources to improve the lives of others gives purpose and meaning to one’s own existence.

Another advantage of donating to nonprofits is being able to increase awareness on various issues affecting people not only within your community, but also in other parts of the world. Our society is bombarded with desensitizing material that sometimes ends up making us feel even more removed from tragedy happening in other parts of the world. Online auctions can help increase this awareness by giving people a straightforward way to provide assistance. By engaging in fundraisers and giving to online charity donations, you will become more involved and more aware of what going on in the world outside your door.

Time to Step Up

If you are excited to join an existing organization or start your own charity auctions and fundraisers, eBay Giving Works is the best place to get the ball rolling. If you feel that it is time for you to step up and answer the call for help, then we will gladly assist you from start to finish.<

We have a long list of nonprofit organizations representing different causes and issues that you may wish to offer financial support. These charities and nonprofits are grouped into different categories, depending on the area of their advocacy. Some of the categories include the arts & humanities, education, basic needs & services, environment & animals, religion, and many more.

You have several options when donating through eBay giving works. You may choose to donate directly, create a charity fundraiser and sell some of your items with the proceeds going to nonprofits, or simply shop for items from auctioneers sending the proceeds directly to a charity. Whichever method you choose, we will guide you through.