eBay for Charity Seller Terms & Conditions for Community Selling

By listing an item on eBay with eBay for Charity, you, as a Community Seller, agree:
  • If your item sells, you will donate to PayPal Giving Fund (eBay for Charity’ nonprofit partner) for the benefit of the Participating Nonprofit that you selected for that listing, the greater of: (i) the required minimum donation of $1; and (ii) the percentage of the item's final sale price that you designated for that listing. If your item does not sell, no donation is due.
  • If you have not made your donation by the due date, you authorize PayPal Giving Fund to collect the donation automatically using your donation payment method on file with eBay.
  • A donation that is not made by the due date, and that cannot be collected automatically by PayPal Giving Fund, will be considered overdue. You will be unable to create new eBay for Charity listings until you have made all overdue donations. Failure to make an overdue donation may result in the suspension of your eBay account.
  • If automatically collected from you by PayPal Giving Fund, your donation will be collected in the local currency of the Participating Nonprofit.
  • PayPal Giving Fund will distribute 100% of the donation amount to your chosen Participating Nonprofit in its next scheduled payment to the Participating Nonprofit, which is usually in the month following receipt or automatic collection of your donation. You surrender any rights to interest accruing on the donation amount.
  • A Participating Nonprofit always has the right to not be associated with a listing. If your designated Participating Nonprofit makes such a request, your eBay for Charity listing will be cancelled and the insertion fee (if applicable) credited back to your account.
  • PayPal Giving Fund has exclusive legal control over each donation. Learn how donations that can't be delivered are treated.

Terms & Conditions for Participating Nonprofit Direct Sellers

By listing an item on eBay with eBay for Charity, you, as a Direct Seller for a Participating Nonprofit, agree to be bound by the PayPal Giving Fund Nonprofit User Agreement.

You further represent and warrant that you:

  • Have properly identified your eBay User ID to PayPal Giving Fund before creating your listings;
  • Are a rightful employee or agent of a Participating Nonprofit; and
  • Your listing benefits that Participating Nonprofit.

You further agree to indemnify eBay against any and all third-party claims arising from violations of these Terms. Should you be found in violation of these Terms & Conditions by falsely representing yourself as an employee or agent of a Participating Nonprofit, or by failing to transfer 100% of proceeds from the sale of the to the designated Participating Nonprofit, eBay retains the right to permanently revoke your eBay account and charge seller fees for items inappropriately represented as charitable listings.

Participating Nonprofits may remove eBay accounts from their list of authorized Direct Sellers at any time by going to Direct Seller Administration and clicking “Remove a Direct Seller.”