eBay for Charity Seller Terms & Conditions for Community Selling

As a Community Seller, you may donate a designated percentage of amounts you earn from your listings (“Donation Amount”) to a charity through the United States PayPal Giving Fund (“PPGF”). By listing an item on eBay with eBay for Charity, you agree to the following eBay for Charity Terms and Conditions:
  1. You are requesting that if your item sells, the eBay Payment Entities (as such term is defined in the Payments Terms of Use) send the Donation Amount to PPGF when your buyer completes purchase of the item (“Request Time”).
  2. If your item does not sell, no Donation Amount is due.
  3. The Donation Amount transferred to PPGF will not be reflected as funds pending settlement to you in the Seller Hub. The remaining funds owed to you as reflected in the Seller Hub will be settled to you in accordance with the Payments Terms of Use.
  4. The transfer of your Donation Amount to PPGF will generally be completed within 3 business days from the Request Time, although settlement times may vary. In certain instances, your transaction may be declined, frozen, or held for any reason including for suspected fraud, high risk or potential violation of any regulation, compliance with economic or trade sanctions, eBay or eBay Commerce Inc. policies, or a policy of one of our third-party payments services providers. We may diverge from this procedure as needed for compliance or operational reasons. If we are unable to settle the Donation Amounts, then, depending on the reason why we are unable to settle the amounts, we may process those funds in accordance with applicable law or our policies.
  5. PPGF will generally grant your Donation Amount, which is typically tax deductible, to the charity within 30 days after the end of the month of the sale of the item.
  6. By donating, you accept these eBay for Charity Terms and Conditions for Community Selling, and understand in the rare event the charity you chose cannot be funded, PPGF will reassign the funds to a similar charity in accordance with its terms of service.
  7. If your buyer receives a refund or chargeback before your Donation Amount is sent to charity, your request to donate is effectively canceled and therefore no Donation Amount is due. If your buyer receives a refund or chargeback after the Donation Amount is sent to charity, you may not request a refund of the Donation Amount from us.
  8. Unless we otherwise allow, the donation method described in clauses 1 to 7 above is only available for select sellers listing items on eBay.com.
  9. In the event your Donation Amount is not collected and transferred to PPGF in accordance with clauses 1 to 7 above, the previous eBay for Charity Terms and Conditions apply to you.
  10. By listing your item for sale, you also agree to the eBay User Agreement, Payments Terms of Use, and eBay Marketing Program Terms, and acknowledge reading the User Privacy Notice. When your item sells, a  final value fee (as referenced in the eBay User Agreement) applies to the portion of your sales proceeds that do not constitute the Donation Amount.
  11. A charity always has the right to not be associated with a listing. If your designated charity makes such a request, your eBay for Charity listing will be canceled and the insertion fee (if applicable) credited back to your account.
  12. PPGF is a Donor Advised Fund recognized by the IRS as a 501c(3) public charity, which has exclusive legal control over each donation under its terms of service.